Question:  What do chickens eat?  Ashley - MidSun Junior High School
Answer: Chickens eat a variety of foods, including grasses and grains such as wheat. They are also supplemented with vitamins and nutrients.

Question: How do chickens make eggs?  Liam - Midsun Junior High School
Answer: Like humans, female chickens are born with eggs already in their body. When an egg ovulates it grows until it is laid. Unlike mammals the egg does not have to fertilized to grow.

Question: Why do hens lay fifteen eggs?  Dennis -  MidSun Junior High School
Answer: Chickens lay an average of 280 eggs per year. Since they do not lay an egg every day, it could take the chicken three weeks to lay 15 eggs.

Question: Why do we eat chicken?  Liam - MidSun Junior High School

Answer: Chicken is the most popular meat eaten in the world today. Chicken is a good source of protein and tastes great. 


Question: How can you tell if an egg has a chick in it instead of a yolk inside?  Brooklyn - Ralph McCall School
Answer: This process is called Candling.  The egg is placed in front of a bright light to see thru the shell and tell what is inside.

Question: How long do hens sit on their eggs for? St. Mark’s Grade 3 Class
Answer: Hens incubate their eggs to keep them warm and on average it takes 19 to 21 days before a chick is born.

Question: Which one of a hen’s feather do you need to pluck so that it can't fly? St. Mark’s Grade 3 Class
Answer: Chickens can't fly. Their wings are used to help them jump up on roosts.  Chickens are generally kept inside so they are protected from predators.

Question: Why are there white and brown eggs? St. Mark’s Grade 3 Class
Answer: Egg colors are determined by the genetics or breed of the chicken.

Question: How does a baby chick hatch? St. Mark’s Grade 3 Class
Answer: When a chick is about two days away from hatching it develops a hard tooth on its beak.  It then begins to tap on the shell for many hours before the shell actually breaks and allows the chick to emerge. The tooth falls off shortly after the chick hatches.

Question: How many chicks can a mother chicken can born? Lisa - Buchanan School
Answer: A chicken will lay an average of five eggs per week or 260 per year.  If all the eggs are fertilized successfully that would mean a hen could be a mother 280 times in a year.

Question:  How many eggs can one chicken lay in a day? Ali – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:   Chickens lay one egg per day and lay an average of 280 eggs in a year.


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