Question:  What is the youngest pig you have?  Richard – Riverbend School
Answer: I don't have any pigs on my farm.

Question: What are piglets? Ashley - MidSun Junior High School
Answer: Piglets are baby pigs. A sow (mother pig) can have between 8 and 12 piglets per litter and can have two litters a year. It takes a piglet about five months to reach full size.

Question: How do you make bacon out of a pig?  Liam -  MidSun Junior High School
Answer: The meat is cured in a salt brine. Before it is shipped to the grocery store it is sliced and packaged and can also be sold in unsliced slabs. A pig weighing 100kgs would provide approximately 15 kgs of bacon.

Question: Where do the animals live in the barn?  Dennis - Midsun Junior High School
Answer: On our farm all of our animals live outside. The only time we bring animals inside is if they are having difficulty at calving time or are sick and need medical attention. We do have windbreaks and sheds that provide shelter and put large amounts of straw bedding to keep them warm during the winter.

Question: Is mud food for a pig?   St. Mark’s Grade 3 Class
Answer: Pigs like to bathe in mud to keep themselves cool but do not eat it.  Pigs eat healthy grains like corn, barley and soybeans, mixed in with vitamins and minerals. 

Question: How much does one male pig cost? Mo Lowe Say - Buchanan School
Answer: An average male pig at six months of age will weigh approximately 100 kilograms and sell for about $145.00.   A neutered male pig is called a barrow and a mature male pig is called a boar. 

Question:  What do pigs eat?  Reagan – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  Pigs are vegetarians; therefore a typical diet for pigs would include ground (crushed) barley and/or wheat, canola meal and supplements like vitamins and minerals.

Question:  Do you like pigs?  Do you have any pigs on your farm? Jordan – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  Yes I do like pigs. We do not have any on our farm today but did have when I was growing up.


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