Question:  Which is your favourite John Deere to drive?  Jacob – Bowcroft School
Answer: My favorite John Deere to drive is my 4930 sprayer. It has autosteer, an air ride suspension, cd player and air conditionig.

Question:  How do you drive a tractor?  Mikkel – Ralph McCall School and
Brenden – Ralph McCall School
Answer: Tractors drive the same way you would drive a truck or car.  They have a steering wheel, brakes and a transmission.  Some tractors today have GPS and autosteer, which steers the tractor.  An operator must be present to set and oversee tractor operations at all times.

Question:  How do tractors work?  Chelsea – St. Joan of Arc
Answer: Tractors work much the same way that your family car does. Tractors have an engine and transmission, but are made heavier geared differently and of course have bigger tires.

Question: What is the biggest tractor in the world and what is it used for? King George School Grades 1 & 2
Answer:  The largest farm tractor made today is the Big Bud that is made in the United States.   This tractor has 1000 horsepower and is used on large farms for pulling implements up to 30 meters wide.

Question:  What kind of tools do you use on your farm?  Lauren - Glamorgan School
Answer:  Most of the tools we use on our farm are machinery (tractors, combines, swathers, balers, trucks, sprayers etc).  We also have an assortment of small tools for maintenance and repair of our machines such as welders, air compressors, torches, impact wrenches and a many hand tools.  Some of the most important tools we use are computers, gps systems and cell phones.

Question: How much does a tractor cost?  Taylor - Ralph McCall School
Answer:  A brand-new tractor can range in price from $30,000 for a small chore tractor to as much as $350,000 for a large field tractor.

Question:  How many machines do you have on your farm?  Farida - Glamorgan School
Answer:  We have ten tractors, two combines, a sprayer, a swather, seven trucks and severa pull behind implements such as seeders, balers and hay cutting machines. 

Question:  How do you get the gas for your farm equipment (tractors, combines) to your farm?  Thomas - Glamorgan School
Answer:  We have large storage tanks on our farm.   The gas and diesel fuel is devlivered by a large tank truck, similar to the ones that deliver gas to the local service station.

Question: What machines are on your farm? How do you use all of them?  Emma - Ralph McCall School
Answer: A tractor is used to plant crops and pull other machines such as balers (used to make hay and straw bales) and harrows (which help to smooth the ground before planting the crop).  A sprayer is a vital tool for conservation farming and is used to control plant diseases such as weeds or insects. A combine is a large machine that is used at harvest to cut, thresh and separate the grain from the straw.  It also has the ability to finely chop the straw or leave a swath that can be baled for livestock feed or bedding. Trucks are used to haul grain to market and haul inputs such as fertilizer.

Question:  What is your favourite piece of machinery?  Why is it your favourite? Ella – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  If I had to pick one machine it would be the combine.  This machine allows me to harvest my crops so that I may be paid for them.

Question:  What machinery do you use the most on your farm? Logan – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  Tractors are used a lot on our farm as they do many different tasks such as seeding, harrowing, cultivating, pulling machines such as balers and swathers. We use tractors equipped with front end loaders for moving bales, loading manure and dirt.

Question:  Is it hard to drive a tractor?  Marwa – Calgary Islamic School
Answer:  Today's farm tractors are not hard to drive but the operator must be experienced in using  modern technology as most tractors are equipped with computers that help control many functions like steering, seeding rates, depth control for planters and precision implement controls.

Question:  How much does a combine cost? Do you use one?  Kassem – Calgary Islamic School
Answer:  New large combines can cost over $300,000.00.  We have two of these on our farm and use them in the fall to harvest our crops.

Question:  What kind of tools do you use on a farm?  Miss Crumb – Calgary Islamic School
Answer:  Most of the tools we use on our farm are in the form of machinery (tractors, combines, swathers, balers, trucks, sprayers etc).  We also have an array of shop tools for maintenance and repair of our machines such as welders, air compressors, cutting torches, impact wrenches and a complete line of hand tools.


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