About Farmer Dave

Question:  Is your dog your guard or your companion?  Sydney – McKenzie Lake School
Answer: My dogs are both.  They bark to let me know when someone is in my yard, but we spend a lot of time together as friends as well.

Question:  Do you work all day and all year?  Nathaniel – Eastside Christian Academy
Answer: I work all year round, but not everyday, I like holidays.

Question:  How old were you when you started farming?   Gabrielle – Pitayis Family School
Answer:  I was sixteen when I had my first piece of land to farm. The first time I ran
a tractor for my Dad I was nine.

Question:  What do you like about being a farmer?  Jack - MidSun Junior High

Answer:  I like the fact I get to watch things grow, spend a lot of time outdoors, wake up where I work and be my own boss.  It is a very rewarding job and I get to do many different jobs every year that are all part of being a farmer.



Question:   What is the most difficult choice that you have had to make on your farm?  Abby - Glamorgan School
Answer:  There are many hard choices that have to be made on the farm.  The most difficult would have to be selling animals that we have had on the farm for a long time.

Question:  When is your birthday?  Kyle - Glamorgan School

Answer:  My birthday is September 7.



Question:  Have you ever left your farm to go on a holiday?  Where did you go?  Christine - Glamorgan School

Answer:  I have been on many holidays and have travelled to Mexico, Europe, the United States, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.   I have also travelled quite a bit in Canada.



Question:  Are you a vegetarian?  Debarati - Glamorgan School

Answer:  No I am not a vegetarian, but I do like eating all vegetables...even brussel sprouts.



Question:  What is your favourite thing to do in the evening or when you are farming?  Ross - Glamorgan School

Answer:  We have an area on the farm called The Park.   I like to go there in the evening and barbeque and visit with family and friends.   I also like to go for a walk in the summer and check the crops.


Question:  What is your favourite thing to eat?  Andre - Glamorgan School

Answer:  My favourite thing to eat is beef, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.



Question:  Where did you grow up?  Piper - Glamorgan School

Answer:  I grew up on this farm just north of Chestermere Lake.



Question:  Where is your farm?  Tyler - MidSun Junior High School

Answer:  My farm is located just east of Calgary and has been in my family for over 100 years.



Question:  What do you like to do the most at the start of your day?  Ross - Glamorgan School

Answer:  Depending on the season, I like seeing the newborn animals or checking my crops.



Question:  What do you like most about being outdoors on your farm?  Quinn - Glamorgan School

Answer:  I enjoy watching my crops grow and being with the animals. 


Question:  Is the work that you do physically difficult?  What is the hardest thing that you have to do in your day?  Olivia - Glamorgan School

Answer:  There are many jobs on the farm today that require physical work such as shovelling grain, feeding animals and repairs and maintenance to buildings and machinery. 


Question:  Is your farm big and just how big is it?  Tyler - MidSun Junior High School

Answer:  We farm about 6000 acres of grain land, pasture and hay land.  It would be considered a medium to large farm in Alberta.  The average farm is about 2000 acres today.


Question:  Do you have any farm animals at your farm?  Brady - MidSun Junior High School
Answer: We have cows, calves and bulls as well as donkeys, cats, dogs and a horse.


Question: How long have you been a farmer?  Kaidan - Ralph McCall School and Reeham - Calgary Islamic School
Answer: I was raised on a farm and have been a farmer for almost 40 years.

Question: Are your kids farmers too?  Brenda K - Ralph McCall School
Answer: My children all work away from the farm, but come home at harvest time to help out. 


Question: Why did you want to become a farmer? Marcel - Buchanan School and Noor - Calgary Islamic School
Answer: I grew up on a farm that was started by my great grandfather and then farmed by my grandfather and father, so you can say that farming has always been in my blood.   I love the outdoors, watching my crops grow and working with animals.  I take great satisfaction in my job and know that without farmers the world would go hungry.

Question: How do you do all the farming by yourself?    Jack - Buchanan School
Answer:  On my farm there are four full-time people who work at seeding, spraying, haying and calving and at harvest we require as many as seven people. 


Question: Are you rich by all the farming? Jack - Buchanan School
Answer:  I have been very lucky to have grown up on a farm and raise three wonderful daughters. Farming has taught me to work hard, respect my neighbours and business associates, but most importantly to respect the land and care about the environment.

Question:  Do you plant a garden for your family? What do you plant in it?  Julia – St. Marks School
Answer:  We have a large garden that has potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, radishes, and corn. We also have horseradish, rhubarb, raspberries and asparagus which are perennial plants that do not have to be planted every year.

Question:  Do you the like the work that you do?  What is your favourite part of your job?  Aleena – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  I enjoy farming very much as I like being outdoors, however farming today is like any other business it also requires a lot of office work. The favourite part of my job would be working during harvest time.

Question:  What is it like to have a pet that helps you on the farm?  What job does your pet do for you? Illana – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  My dog's name is Joe who is a seven year old purebred border collie.  Joe also works on the farm helping us when we are moving cows.

Question:  What is the name of your dog? Ava – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  My dog's name is Joe who is a seven year old purebred border collie. 

Question:  What animals do you have on your farm? Spencer – Glamorgan Elementary School
Answer:  On our farm we have cattle, horses, donkeys, dogs and cats.

Question:  Do you have a scarecrow on your farm?   Miya – Calgary Islamic School
Answer:  Just me when I get up too early in the morning!

Question:  Do people buy stuff from you?     Ayah – Calgary Islamic School
Answer:  Yes we sell, grain, hay and cattle.


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